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Mark Fazakas is a personal training company/fitness company that is designed around intermittent fasting. The company is aimed towards individuals that are living busy lifestyles, young individuals that want a new way of losing fat while training for strength.

The company is about being disciplined and creating a new “mindset” utilising intermittent fasting and being “present” in every moment. It’s a motivational brand surrounding simple but effective “No BS” workout plans that get the job done.

The brand’s “story” is about getting into this mindset of “achieving” things regardless of what life throws at you while implementing fitness in different lifestyles.

Keyword Generation

Developing as many different keywords that can be associated with the clients business, industry and goals can be an extremely helpful step to help narrow the focus on the message, and the best keywords to carry and project that message. It can also be a great way to discover possible concepts that could be connected to these keywords.

Mood Board

Creating a mood board can be very helpful to determine a direction of style and feel, and in some cases, it can be very valuable to include the client in this process if they’re unsure of what they want, or just to check they’re happy with the direction.


Once I had studied the client brief, I carried out research into the industry and competitors. The client stated that they wanted 1 direction to follow a spartan/warrior look and feel, and the other was left up to me. Now it was time to do some initial sketching, in this phase of the process, there are no rules, no good or bad, just whatever comes to mind goes down on paper. 

Adobe Illustrator

Now that I had plenty of ideas to get me going, I chose a few concepts I liked, and began working on them in Adobe Illustrator. A lot of time is spent tweaking and creating any alternative, as well as new ideas that come to mind. As you can see, a lot of ideas were created.

Final Logo

After a bit more tweaking and back and forth with the client, we came to the final logo (shown below). The concept is a letter M in the style of a spartan/warrior helmet, encased in a shield.

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