in the print industry as a lithographic printer
in the sign making industry as a sign and graphic designer
using state of the art Adobe software applications
as a freelance logo and brand identity design specialist


Hello, I’m Callum MacRaild, a freelance logo and brand Identity designer from the UK. I create beautiful, functional and effective logos and brand identities for businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. After working under my personal name for 12 years, and building a solid portfolio while perfecting my skills, I decided it was time to take things up a level and re-brand myself. In 2016 I launched Logo Positive, which reflects my passion for logo design, and my positive attitude towards the work I do and the experience my clients receive. My goal is simple, to provide beautiful, functional and effective logo design with a positive experience, that will leave you and your business successful and profitable for years to come. I believe a great logo should be simple, powerful and timeless, and that’s what I strive for in every project I take on.


I strongly believe that when done right, less is always more. “In a world of noise, silence stands out.“. Born and raised in Fort William, a small town in the Highlands of Scotland, I’m truly passionate about my work and lifestyle. You’ll find me to be professional, friendly, creative, passionate and positive – but not quite as perfect as this makes me sound!


As a freelance logo designer, I turn original ideas into practical yet stunning graphic realities. Through the use of both proven and innovative design techniques and strategies, married to my industry experience, I deliver the concepts that will allow customers to recognise your brand, business or organisation, and then respond to it in the positive way that you would wish them to.


The combination of experience gained through 6 years as a lithographic printer, 8 years as a sign designer and 12 years as a freelance logo designer, provides me with an unmatched insight that is both practical and effective. I work with a wide range of entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses to make sure they present powerful and responsive messages, ones that gain vital attention and response, both in the short and long term. In this way, my clients and I work together to achieve their goals and deliver successful results.


My aim is simple: to provide agency standard work, but to deliver this high level of quality directly to you – while offering the true value of freelance pricing. To start a project with me, simply fill out my request quote form and I’ll get back to you quickly.